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here’s a track from XXII with the lyrics as requested by eredar!

YourDaftHero - Young Messiah (prod. by October Samuel)

And of the kings and queens
Cometh forth from my dreams
Seems I’m destined to be questioned on every one of my deeds
My anxiety is the only thing stopping me
Mangled rings on dirty fingers, never let this street rat free
It’s not essential, though I love to stare at the sun
Soon maybe the blinding light will be the only good I’ve done
Second, never one, I’m on a steady pace
On this path, riddled with lies it’s truly laced

[Verse 1]
Zone out young messiah, cradle hands to build a fire
Headache from hardly sleeping and hands shake from being tired
Process your abilities, no need to be rewired
Need a lift that’s heavenly if I’m to ascend any higher

That daft mother fucker penning blueprints bought with two cents
Who this? I’m that kid hanging off the highest iron fence.
Caught between shifting from these memories to reminisce 
Like two years ago look at myself like, “who the fuck is this?”

Can’t feel my face with that white rabbit to chase
Damn Alice you killer so proper to catch a case
I want your weak legs on my lips for the weekend 
I’m feeling if you allow me I don’t have to die while kneeling

Just being modest on mind is a goddess 
What I repeat here is scripture and truly close to what God is
As I’m cruising through Twin Peaks with 88 on the dial
No needs for roads where we’re going only this feeling is vital


[Verse 2]
Today, I am, falling ever faster
When the weather wields snow it drowns us together
Tethered with these winding roads always headed for martyrs
What matters is I get away from these sirens for starters

But ruling them with treachery and heresy’s a part of me
My every move here is just pretermined legacy 
Called to lecture kings, but harmonies I bring
When the lords and ladies of the court each have a dirge to sing

Their nightmares the naughtiest rotting the foundation
Find me dusting off archives in the church’s basement
Haste with the tongue slips set to the melodies 
Merrily marching forth, hands together whispering heavenly

Passages, prim pages written in prestige ink 
Think about the sins I do daily, but rarely ever think twice
Head stuck in clouds, feet falling through the thin ice
Mince meat to the maniacs but I’m armed to fist fight cause




Hey help me out which one of your songs has "don't need no roads where we're goin' only this feeling is vital"

Got a cabin out in Twin Peaks

u not allowed to call nobody ugly if u got 2 mattresses stacked on the floor thats unsanitary boo boo no bedframe ass niggas


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Has this been done yet or…

The Protagonist of P5


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